Ethics and Compliance

NÚCLEO is committed to conduct its business according to legal, ethical and anticorruption normative. Our Compliance Code was established in 2013 making us one of the pioneers in this sector, been the bases of the company business throughout all these years.

NÚCLEO is participating in the Pró-Ética 2017 registration, which is a pioneer initiative in Latin America working with business sector to affiliate these measures of integrity and prevent corruption. The Pró-Ética is a result of an association between Brazilian Government and Ethos Institute. See more in:

Compliance Code describes our policies about this subject. These Policies are applied to everyone in NÚCLEO’s team and business partners.

Business Pact by Integrity and Against Corruption
NÚCLEO is signatory of Business Pact by Integrity and Against Corruption which seeks to unite companies that promote a noble and ethical market looking to eradicate bribery and corruption. Being signatory of this pact, companies commit to spread the Brazilian regulation against corruption to their employees and stakeholders in order to fulfill all requirements of this Pact. See more in:

Reporting Channel

The anti-corruption policy improvement, risk management and training for all NÚCLEO involved personnel were intensified after the most recent revision of Compliance Code. Thus, NÚCLEO is engaged to disseminate the Compliance culture in its employees and business partners.

NÚCLEO’s reporting channel was designed to attend the Anti-Corruption Federal Law nº 12.846/2013 and may be used by its employees, suppliers, service providers, Clients and others which possess information to help in any illegal act or conduct deviation.

The complaints may be registered in the form below.