Headquarter new location

Núcleo’s main headquarter has changed
Núcleo Engenharia Consultiva has reached 28 years of existence in July/2018, and as part of this conquer we are inaugurating a new main headquarter in Alameda Santos, also in Jardins’ neighbor, near Trianon Park, in São Paulo capital.

After 19 years located in Alameda Campinas, we designed a new space with a higher capacity and totally adequate to receive the Company’s new structure.

Mauá Hydroelectric Power Plant

Contract extension
The Cruzeiro do Sul Energy Consortium, formed by the concessionaires Copel - Companhia Paranaense de Energia and Eletrosul Centrais Elétricas S.A., extended for a further year the services which have been performed at the Mauá Hydroelectric Power Plant, whose main focus in this stage is the implementation and monitoring of the company's environmental programs of the Environment Basic Project.

Teresina Lightening PPP - BNDES

Project progress
In May, the Consortium led by Núcleo took another important step in carrying out the studies of structuring the public-private partnership of the public lighting system of the municipality of Teresina in Piauí.

The public hearing for the system bidding process will start after the final approvals.

Simplício Hydroelectric Exploitation System - Furnas

Núcleo has won Furnas bidding
In April /18, Núcleo won a new bid for the provision of support services to supervision and inspection works under the Simplício Hydroelectric Plant.

This project belongs to Eletrobras Furnas and is located on the Paraíba do Sul river, on the border of the states of Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais. Nucleo's services are expected to start in May.

Metrô SP – Morumbi Station

Starting the Services in Morumbi Station of São Paulo's Subway Line
The Morumbi station, which integrates São Paulo's Subway Line 17 – Gold, started its construction in March/18.

The consortium, leaded by NÚCLEO, is responsible for the supervision and inspection of all services in the Subway Line 17.

Minas Gerais State Highways

NÚCLEO begins another highway supervision project in the Minas Gerais state
In March/2018, NÚCLEO has started the highway supervision of the MGC-262 new section, for DEER/MG – Departamento de Edificações e Estradas de Rodagem de Minas Gerais.

This new section has 27 km connecting Caeté and Barão de Cocais.

750kV Transmission Line

NÚCLEO is responsible for the Project design of 750 kV Transmission Line for FURNAS
The 750 kV TL Itaberá – Tijuco Preto 2 integrates the Itaipu Hydroelectric Power Plant interconnection system. Itaipu is the second biggest Power Plants in the World, and integrates the transmission system from the Itaipu’s plant to Brazilian southeast.

NÚCLEO is beginning the Project’s detailed design of São Paulo section.


After Teresina, NÚCLEO integrates the winner consortium of Macapá’s Private-Public Partnership Structuration Lighting bid
The PPP studies, contracted by BNDES, aim to solve the lack of lighting which besides the energy consumption, affects the cities safety and nightlife.

After Porto Alegre and Teresina, the Public Lighting PPP structuration studies, developed by BNDES, has arrived to Macapá. In this context NÚCLEO Engenharia Consultiva S.A, Consortium leader and Project PMO, will actuate in the Macapá’s Lighting System studies.


NÚCLEO is developing improvements and adjustments projects in Petrobras’ UTGC and UTGSUL units
The Sul Capixaba Gas Treatment Unit (UTGSUL), in Anchieta (ES), has capacity to process 2,5 million m³ of gas per day, being the first to process and delivery the Pré Sal natural gas.

Located in Linhares (ES), the Cacimbas Gas Treatment Unit (UTGC) has capacity to process 16 million m³ of gas per day. In the UTGC Project there is a Gas Dew Point Adjustment Unit (UAPO), Natural gas condensate system (SECGN), three Gas Process Unit (UPGN) and Natural Gas Condensate Process Unit (UPCGN).

Caraguatatuba Highway Circumvent

Consortium integrated by NÚCLEO sign supervision contract for one of the most important highway Project in São Paulo
NÚCLEO Engenharia Consultiva S.A integrates the Consortium responsible for the supervision, inspection and follow up of the Caraguatatuba highway circumvent Lot 1 and 2, from the North (Caraguatatuba) to south (São Sebastião) of Nova Tamoios highway, main connection between Vale do Paraíba and São Paulo’s north coast.

Started in 2013 by DERSA – Desenvolvimento Rodoviário S.A, the construction of a highway circumvent between Caraguatatuba and São Sebastião is part of Nova Tamaios Project. With 33,9 km, the section contributes not only for the traffic reduction and user safety increase, but promoting the economical and touristic development.