Ethics and Compliance

NÚCLEO is committed to conducting its business in accordance with legal, ethical and anti-corruption regulations. Our Ethics and Compliance Code was developed in 2013 and NÚCLEO was one of the first companies in our sector to take this initiative, and this policy has guided all the company's business throughout these years.

Year by year, we have improved our management regarding ethics and integrity and the company encourages all initiatives that may bring new knowledge and positive experiences. In 2019 we took another very important step in this direction and our Anti-Bribery Management System achieved Certification according to ISO 37.001:2016. Our system was audited by Lloyd's Register in December 2019 and we are one of the first companies in our sector to obtain such certification.

In addition, we participate in all opportunities that may contribute to our Integrity System, such as the Pró-Ética Register, which is a pioneering initiative in Latin America to encourage the voluntary adoption of integrity and corruption prevention measures by the business sector. Pró-Ética is the result of a partnership between the Comptroller General of the Union (CGU) and the Ethos Institute of Business and Social Responsibility. See more in:

NÚCLEO Anti-Bribery Management System was audited and certified by Lloyd's Register in accordance with ISO 37.001:2016, being one of the first companies in the sector to obtain such certification. Our policy sets clear and ethical rules and standards for all our business relationships. Get to know our Anti-Bribery Prevention Policy by clicking on the icon beside it.

NÚCLEO has a Compliance Code which describes the Company’s policy concerning this subject. These policies are applied for all NÚCLEO’S staff and business partners.
The Compliance Code defines the base rules which all parties have to proceed and establish how the Company’s values must guide our employees and business partners decisions, by disseminating a culture to attend the laws, standards and to prevent corruption. Get to know Núcleo’s Compliance Code by accessing the link.

Business Pact by Integrity and Against Corruption
NÚCLEO is signatory of Business Pact by Integrity and Against Corruption which seeks to unite companies that promote a noble and ethical market looking to eradicate bribery and corruption. Being signatory of this pact, companies commit to spread the Brazilian regulation against corruption to their employees and stakeholders in order to fulfill all requirements of this Pact. See more in:

Reporting Channel

In one more step towards the improvement of our system and of the anti-corruption culture in the organization, with the objective of improving the monitoring of risks related to Núcleo’s business in face of our Code of Compliance, we adopted a new platform, specific for the receipt of communications of suspected breaches of our anti-corruption policies and related legislation.

NÚCLEO’S new Reporting Channel is an exclusive and confidential environment available to the employees, suppliers, partners, clients and the public in general, to be able, safely and if desired, anonymously, report conduct which does not comply with an ethical, integral and transparent performance, internal regulations, Code of Compliance, anti-bribery policy or the currently laws.

Núcleo Engenharia encourages engagement and guarantees total confidentiality of the identity of those who use this Reporting Channel, if so desired, besides committing itself not to retaliate for any communications made in good faith.

The information will be collected by an independent company specialized in receiving and handling ethical issues, ensuring absolute confidentiality and non-retaliation to the complainant. After an initial screening, according to the applicable good practices, the communications will be forwarded for verification and treatment by the Compliance Officer of the Anti-Bribery Management System - SGAS in conjunction with the Compliance Committee, or by Senior Management.

Communications can be made by online form, by phone and by e-mail. Access the platform and find more details: