Integrated Management System – IMS

NÚCLEO keeps an Integrated Management System – IMS, in accordance with the standards ISO 9.001, ISO 14.001 and ISO 45.001, whose scope is the:

“Development of Studies, Engineering Projects, Supervision and Management, by acting in the sector of Energy, Industrial, O&G, Transport Infrastructure, Urban and Building, Sanitation and Environment.”

This system is based on the commitment with quality services, environment, occupational safety and health of all employees, as well as corporate social responsibility.

ISO 9001
ISO 9001
ISO 14001
ISO 14001
ISO 45001
ISO 45001


NBR ISO 9001 / NBR ISO 14001 / NBR ISO 45001

NÚCLEO ENGENHARIA CONSULTIVA S.A., company focused on the development of studies, projects, supervision and management of programs, projects and undertakings, acting in the segments of energy, industry, oil and gas, transport infrastructure, urbanism and buildings, water and environment, in national and international scope, highlights its full commitment to meeting the needs and expectations of its clients and other interested parties, assuming the following policy of the integrated system:

  1. Continuous improvement of production processes and of the Integrated Management System, adopting the best practices and new market technologies;
  2. Compliance with legislation, current standards, and other applicable requirements resulting from agreements entered into by the organization;
  3. Strengthening the monitoring and control systems of the Compliance and Risk Management Program;
  4. Constant search for new opportunities, establishing where necessary, strategic partnerships, national and/or international;
  5. Acting ethically, as a company aware of its social responsibility;
  6. To preserve the Integrity of the workers, third parties, and visitors, seeking to eliminate the dangers and reduce the risks of Occupational Health and Safety;
  7. Favor the consultation and participation of workers, at all hierarchical levels and functions, in the development of the OHS management system;
  8. To preserve the environment in which it operates, preventing pollution through solid waste management, including the perspective of the life cycle, optimizing the consumption of materials and electric power.